Thursday, August 2, 2012

"I'm Outta Here" Board...

My best friend has been telling me for months to check out Pinterest.  After some arm-pulling, I finally did...and I. am. addicted. Throughout the summer I have found some wonderful ideas for my new classroom. The following board is an idea that someone posted and I recreated it to suit my own class.

Sorry the picture is a bit dark....I was too lazy to pull out my good camera.  :/

This board is my attendance, lunch count and sign out board all in one!  Before the students enter the room, they are to take their magnetic number and place it under the appropriate lunch for the day -whether it's a hot, double, alternate or packed lunch. And of course, that is my attendance as well.  Then, throughout the day when a student that has to leave the room, he/she will place their number on the correct location.  Being an inclusion classroom, my students are constantly in and out of the room.  This way I will be able to see who was pulled and where they went.  I hope it works out well.  Fingers crossed!

Love, Mrs. T