Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Updated: A Letter to Myself...

Since my first year of teaching, I have been asking my students to write a letter to themselves for their last writing assignment.  Hopefully I will be around when they graduate so that I can deliver their letters before commencement!  It's always fun to see what they think high school might be like, what kind of car they might drive or even what type of job they want!

We started the lesson by brainstorming what we think high school might be like or what type of person we want to become.  We talked about what it will be like to be a teenager and all the things that teenagers get to do, such as drive a car.

Outline for Letter   

Before we wrote our rough drafts, we created a class outline for our letters.  We did this to remind us about the parts of a letter.  It looked something similar to this.... 

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A good book that might go with this writing assignment would be First Grade Friends: Graduation Day is Here