Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Updated: Bats...FREEBIE

I've been using ideas and plans from other great bloggers this week.  My class is learning ALL about BATS.  (I'm personally not a fan, but they love them!)

Mrs. Carroll over at The First Grade Parade has some really cute activities to go with the book, Stellaluna. Head on over there if you're looking for lessons on Beginning/Middle/End, story elements, compare/contrast, ABC order and hands-on centers for matching words with pictures....all of which involve BATS!!!

I also incorporated Jodi's bat activities over at Fun in First Grade.  She used yarn to show the wingspan measurements of the smallest and largest bat.

After doing that with my kiddos, I added a Math activity of my own to extend the lesson.  I gave each student a pipe-cleaner that was cut into a 5 inch piece (the wingspan of the smallest bat).  The students were to find things around the room that were also 5 inches.  Then we took our 6 foot string (the wingspan of the largest bat) and we found 3 things in the room to document.  Below is the worksheet we used to record our findings.
Bats - Measurement
 Here is an example of what my students did in class today...

Other bat activities we've done together... 


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How fun!! I bet the kids had so much fun doing that! Love your blog!

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