Monday, July 18, 2011

Cyber Monday: Mailbox - SALE!!

I've tried to avoid it...I've tried to deny it....I've even tried to ignore it.  But the truth is.....summer is almost over and school supplies are out.

This whole summer has been wonderful! I have enjoyed it so much that school has been the very last thing on my mind!  Two weeks ago, I successfully closed my eyes while walking past the bookbag display in JCPenney and pretended like I didn't even see it.  (Granted, I did let out a grunt in disbelief.) But all summer, I didn't let those huge back to school posters bother me at all....until today.

It was like a magnet.  I walked into Target and the first thing I saw was this glorious section of cheap baskets.  I'm a sucker for baskets.  They had all these beautiful colors and sizes and ... and... I just couldn't help myself!!!! I caved!!! Before I knew it, my daughter was buried in a buggy that was filled with stamps and baskets and books and markers....I just went mad! It was so cheap! The best part is that I have NO plan for any of these supplies, other than the fact that I 'need' them.  :)

So when I came home, I decided to check my school email.  (Another thing that I try to avoid.)  And there it sat.  An email from my former first grade teacher...the subject: SALE!!!  Apparently, today is 'cyber monday'.  Who knew?! And Mailbox is offering 30% off clearance, 15% off regular price and FREE SHIPPING!!  I purchased 4 fantastic ready-made center activity packets and some other goodies for a low price of $16.87!!!  Check it out!

So I guess this post is to let all of my blog-friends know that I'm back.  .... well, kind of.  I'm not doing lesson plans or anything yet.  But I can say that I'm starting to shop and search for new ideas!


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