Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Writing Prompt Templates: A Quiet Place

I was in desperate need of some 'quiet time' in first grade. This is rare, but I made it happen. It's getting to the point of the year when my students start to get sick of each other.  On top of that, it has been raining here for WEEKS.  Seriously...weeks.  We are all anticipating summer vacation.  I was thinking the other night that I needed to create a plan for my students to have some quiet time all to themselves.  That made me remember one of my favorite books, A Quiet Place by Douglas Wood.
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I started our activity by 'lighting the fireplace' to create a quiet atmosphere.  I use my Elmo to project Blazing Logs on the screen (see below). If you've never heard of this site, check it out!  (Turn your volume on to hear the sound of crackling logs!) It's great! My students instantly quiet down to listen. They all LOVE when we 'light the fireplace'!

Next, we held a group discussion by the fire and talked about many different types of quiet places.  We discussed where we might go, what we might do and why we would want to go to a quiet place.  *Someone asked if 'home' could be a quiet place.  Another boy yelled, "Definitely not my home!" :) So sweet. 

After we brainstormed, we read A Quiet Place.  They students really got into it!  They especially loved the many different places that were mentioned in the story.  It made them think! Afterward, each of my kiddos found a 'quiet spot' somewhere in the room to illustrate a picture of their favorite quiet place.  (I made sure to mention to have DETAILED pictures. I told them to draw where they were, what they were doing, who was with them...etc.)

 The students then used their illustrations to help them write about their quiet place.

Illustration Template

Writing Template

I think they all enjoyed having break from working in groups.  I even enjoyed it! Every elementary teacher...and student can use some 'quiet time' once in awhile. ;)


mrs.tabb said...

I could SO use some quiet in my first grade class! How cute!
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Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) said...

haha! i love the fire!


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