Monday, May 16, 2011

Shaving Cream Fractions

Just a different (and simple) approach to teaching fractions...

  1.  First, my kiddos cleared their desks and I gave them a glob of shaving cream.
  2. I had them draw a certain shape in their shaving cream.  (This was a great way for me to see who knew their shapes and who didn't!)  
  3.  Next, I asked them to divide their shape into equal parts. (fourths, thirds...etc.)
  4. Then, I asked them to shade in a certain fraction of their shape. 
  5. Once they finished, each student was to write the fraction in their shaving cream. 
After we did many fractions together, I had the students break off into groups to practice.  They loved it! Besides...our desks and little hands were in need of a good cleaning! 


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