Monday, May 30, 2011

Beach Ball Madness!

I found some cheap beach balls in Target's dollar section. MMM-MMM, I LOVE me some Target!! I bought 3 of them! 

On one beach ball I wrote random numbers (1-20) all over it.  When sitting together on the carpet, I'll call out a student's name and toss the ball to her.  When she catches it, she will create an addition sentence using the 2 numbers that her thumbs land on.
*You can also do subtraction, state if the number is even or odd, greater than/less than, start with the number on your right thumb and count until you get to the number on your left thumb (whether it's counting forward or backward)...etc.  

 On this beach ball I wrote word endings and vowel patterns all over it. (-ag, -oi, -ole, short u...etc.) I would call out a student's name and he would have to give a word that has the correct ending or vowel pattern that his right thumb landed on.  For example, if his right thumb landed on "-ed", he could say "bed".  (Good way to see who STILL does not know left vs. right.)
 *To make it more challenging, have the students state a sentence or list a group of words that has the correct ending or vowel pattern. 

On this beach ball, I listed some story elements such as Characters, Title, Main Idea, Setting, Beginning, Middle, End...etc. After reading a story, we would toss the ball around and the students would have to state a part of the story that their right thumb landed on. If someone else landed on the same element, he would have to explain his part in more detail or add to what was already stated.   

 (I have vacation on my mind. I can't help it!) 


Beth said...

Beach Ball learning can be so much fun! I also have a beach ball post :-) Great minds think alike!

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