Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Word Study

Like I mentioned earlier, I have students that struggle using theirs hands. A fun and developmentally appropriate activity is having your students use play-doh or clay for word study! My students work their little muscles in their hands when forming words out of playdoh.  Just opening the lid to the play-doh is exhausting for them.  Not only are they exercising and building strength in their hands, they are practicing words!

*Side Note: You can even use play-doh for math. Have your kiddos make math sentences in pairs. One student will make the addition or subtraction sentence and his/her partner can form the answer! Endless possibilities!!

 *If you are a germaphobe, like myself, you might be cringing at the thought of playdoh! Trust me....I review hand washing techniques every time  and make all of my students practice 'air washing' their hands before we go to the sink. We practice washing under our nails, between our fingers, the tops, bottoms and inside-outs of our hands!!! Then they walk back to their seats like 'surgeons' without touching anything! What? I can't help it if germs gross me out. haha.


  Mrs. T


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