Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Telling Time: Human Clock

A lot of my students are hands-on and visual learners.  I created a game to help them understand the concept of time to the half-hour and hour.  I took 12 sheets of card-stock and wrote the numbers 1-12 on them and had them laminated.  I also made a minute hand and an hour hand.  I outlined and labeled each hand a different color so that the students can distinguish them better.  As a class, I would have the students place the numbers cards on the floor, in a circle, to resemble a clock. To start the game, I would make the first time using the hour and minute hands.  Whoever guessed the time correctly became the next 'clockmaster'.  I would sit in that student's spot and they would make a new time.  Whoever guess that time correctly became the next clockmaster.  And so on and so on.  You can also switch it up by having the students tell the clockmaster a specific time to make.

Here are some pictures of our Human clock.  Being that we practiced so many times as a class, I added it to a center.  My kiddos LOVE it!!! Plus, it gets them up and moving!


Mrs. T


Anonymous said...

Saw this idea in the Great Big Idea Math Book and loved it too!

Jyoti said...

Going to try this with my grade 1s next week!

Anonymous said...

oooooh I love this! And I know my 1st graders will love it as well! Thanks!!!!!

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