Thursday, April 21, 2011

Target Find!!!

Being that I'm on spring break, I haven't really thought about school too much.  BUT, that doesn't mean that I haven't gone to Target to dig through their dollar section!!  I came across these cute rugs ($2.50) that I thought would be perfect for my kiddos. Here are some of my ideas...
  • I'm thinking that it would be a great visual for students that struggle with 'personal space'.  Instead of putting down a masking tape box, the child could sit on a special rug.  This might help a student keep his body to himself when working in a group. Plus, it's mobile!
  • I'm also thinking about using the rugs for a center.  I can have an activity for each rug and a student can take the rug/activity anywhere in the room to work on it. 
I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to use them for just yet.  That's why I would LOVE to have your ideas!! Please comment on what you might do with these rugs!
I placed one of my daughter's books on here to give you a better idea of the rug's size.


CWimbish said...

You have such great ideas! i love what you have done so far! Glad we're blogging buddies!


Mrs. Arvelo-Ferreras said...

I was thinking of using them for a reading corner (center). Our Reading Jungle. I need to motivate the kiddos any way possible to read! I haven't finalized the idea just yet, but they were so cute and I just couldn't resist!

Jacqueline S. said...

I also saw these this weekend. Loved them but wasn't sure what to do with them. I think I might use them during independent reading time and have a group get to use them and then be the ones who share what they read about during share time.

Sarah said...

I LOVE that idea Jacqueline S.!!! Thanks so much! I think I'll try that. :)

Miss Vannini said...

I have the students each use a rug when they are reading with a friend or reading to a stuffed animal. They love to take the rugs around the room and sit and dive into a good book. Enjoy!

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