Thursday, April 14, 2011

Readers' Theater

     Every year I team up with an AWESOME third grade teacher, Mrs. K., to work on readers' theater plays.  Our classes are already penpals...I'll post about that another day!  But we like to get together every now and then and have our classes work together. Who said firsties can't work with big third graders?! And they LOVE it!!

     Before we combined classes, we spent a little over a week working with our own kids in groups.  My students are grouped together according to their reading level.  We do this based off of the Fountas and Pinnell Guided Reading Program. Fountas and Pinnell Blog  Being that I have 4 reading groups, we ended up performing 4 readers' theater plays.  A second grade teacher, Mrs. H., purchased a WONDERFUL collection of readers' theater scripts through scholastic. She is always such a great help to me and let me use this book for our unit! 

25 Just-Right Plays For Emergent Readers-

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     The first few times that our groups met, we discussed reading with good fluency, tone and expression.  We demonstrated how to put on a play without acting, but instead by using our voices! My kids had so much fun with this!!
     We also used our scripts for Word Study.  Our groups took mini post-its and went on a word hunt! We used the post-its to mark words that had blends or digraphs. We also searched for nouns, verbs and adjectives.

     To help us get into character, each student made a mask to go with their part. They were free to be as creative as they desired.  Here are some pictures from our performance.
"Stormy Weather" - Each character was a type of weather...rain, wind, thunder, lightning.  The whole script was filled with onomatopoeias. They had so much fun with this one! The audience loved it too! It went perfectly with our previous weather unit.

"Big, Bad Cold" - Each character was a symptom of a big, bad cold...sneeze, sore throat, sniffles, fever, cough. SO CUTE!

" From Seed to Plant" - This script talked about the life cycle of a plant. Characters included sun, water, seed, dirt and plant. I picked this play to use as an intro to our upcoming life cycle unit.

"A Duckling Tale" - Just a cute story about a mother duck and her duckling. Very enjoyable!
 After our performances, the students had a chance to meet their penpal for the first time.  They enjoyed great conversation over a fruity snack! What a wonderful day!


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