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Here are some pictures of my centers.  Sometimes I get the best ideas by just going into other teacher's rooms and looking around.  Being that you can't come to my room, I thought I would bring it to you!  You might find some ideas to be useful for your classroom! I'm always looking for ways to 'better' my centers. So feel free to share your thoughts!
This is our center board.  We rotate daily (M-Th). We created our Center Rules as a class at the beginning of the school year.  Almost all of the centers have a 'basket activity' that needs to be completed first. When the basket activity is finished, then they are free to work on anything else placed at their center. 

Reading Center:  The basket activity usually focuses on phonics skills that are covered in class (blends, digraphs, contractions). Scholastic sells awesome ready-made board games that meet the standards! When complete, the students are free to use puppets to retell stories, read special 'BIG' books or explore any reading materials placed at this center (magazines, posters).

Listening Center:  In this center, the students are to listen to books that focus on specific vowel/consonant  patterns that we are working on for that week. Then, they are to complete a "Listeners Log" to test their comprehension and get their opinion of the book.  When this is complete, they can play the game in the floor basket.

Writing Center: The students have a basket activity that usually involves a writing prompt.  They are then to use any materials that they can find for creative writing projects of their choice.

Math Center:  Lately, I've been placing a variety of previously covered materials at this center. This is a great center for the students to practice and review new and old concepts.  Ex: Money, primary number cards, dot cards, rulers, addition and subtraction wipe-off boards, shapes for patterning, math related story books, 100chart for counting by 2s, 5s and 10s...etc.

Read Around the Room Center: My students LOVE this center.  They get to use the 'teacher's pointers to hunt for certain types of words.  Each time we start a new rotation, I will make a list of certain words that they need to find. Below is our current list.  I will also put a number next to each type to let them know how many they need to find for each.  The students have clipboards with notepads to write their words on. When they finish, they rip out their paper from the notepad, turn it in and can begin the basket activity.  They also have the option of using words from around the room to write sentences or stories on the whiteboard. The basket activity might include a Language Arts game or even Math.  (This week was the Human Clock. See previous post.)

Magnet Center: This center involves letter, number and shape magnets.  The students have to make the list of words that I place in the pocket first.  Then they can use the magnets to make sentences, different words, math sentences, patterns...etc. There is also a phonics based basket activity for them to work on.

Puzzles and Games Center: This year my class includes a handful of students that struggle with fine motor skills.  My O.T. suggested having a puzzle center to help students improve their skills.  I set out a variety of puzzles (magnet, traditional, floor, foam) for them to choose from. There is also a phonics based basket activity for the kiddos to work on when finished. 

(Computer Center:  No Picture Available- 4 Classroom Computers)

Completed Center Work:   All finished center work is to be turned into our orange basket!
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Levi, Sarah, Lilly and Harper said...

Haha! I have THE EXACT SAME ORANGE BASKET where my students turn in completed work!

Simply Sweet Teaching said...

Thanks for some of the great center ideas! I do The Daily 5 in my classroom, but thinking about incorporating some more "hands on" things like yours as well. I would love for you to come check out my blog Simply Sweet Teaching. Have a blessed day!

ChinaD said...

I am currently working on my certification and these are wonderful ideas. I will use a few of them if you don't mind!

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