Thursday, April 28, 2011

Templates for Organizing Reading Groups

As I have mentioned before, our school district utilizes Fountas and Pinnell's Guided Reading.  This program groups students according to their reading level. In our class, we call our groups 'Book Clubs'. Each book club meets once a day to read, discuss and explore a book that is on their level.  I currently have 5 groups.  It can be difficult to keep it all straight, so I created a few templates to help me organize my small groups.  I finally made one that worked for me (Template 2). I record which students are in the group, book title, level of book, daily activities and observations.  I keep my templates, books and all materials needed for the week in colored bins.  This makes it easy for the special education teacher, substitutes and myself to lead any group throughout the week.
Keeping track of my groups also helps me see the progress (or lack of) for each student, as well as supply good documentation for parents.  These templates can also be used for small group work.

*This is my first time uploading a PDF file to this blog....please comment me and let me know if you're able to open it or not! Yikes!

Template 1:
Click here for Template 1
Template 2: 
Click here for Template 2

 Template 3:   
Click here for Template 3


Anonymous said...

HI sarah!
I'm doing a power point presentation on reading groups for grades 1-3, do u have any ideas for what I can use?

Sarah said...

Hi! I'm not too sure what you are looking for but I wanted to share with you this resource that I use to reinforce concepts that we are focusing on. It's called "Ready-to-Use Reading Management Kit, Grade 1" by Scholastic. It's great for pulling activities that the students can do independently after you meet with each group. Let me know exactly the type of information you're looking for and I'll see if I can help you any better.

Anonymous said...

I am having trouble finding the fountas and pinnell reading level for the ready freddy books. Do you happen to know what level they are?

Thanks. Love your page!

Anonymous said...

I need help. Never taught 1st grade and never had a homeroom. How and where do i start?

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