Saturday, April 16, 2011


     I keep thinking about one little friend in our class.  Yesterday was his last day with us and it made me sad to have to pack away all of his things.  I was thinking about him this morning and thought that I would share with you some accommodations that we made for him. (We'll call him....Bob, for the sake of privacy rights.)  Bob had some difficulties with self say the least. He really struggled with focusing on the task at hand because he was all over the place.  Bob also had some fine and gross motor issues. With help from our wonderful occupational therapist and intervention specialist, we came up with some ideas to help Bob get through his school day. God bless Mrs. C. and Mrs. H.!!! I can't make it without them wonderful ladies!  (If you have access to an O.T. or Special Educator...utilize her/him! What great assets to our class!!)
*My sister, Rhonda, is an O.T. and purchases a lot of her resources through The Therapy ShoppeI'm always looking for a good bargain and I've found that Therapy Shoppe is very reasonable! Check it out!*

     I'm never good at verbally explaining my thoughts. My brain doesn't work that way...and I'm a visual learner. :) So I took some pictures to show you some ideas that we came up with to help our friend!

Cushion Seat:  This is a great, mobile cushion to help your students stay focused. It is pretty flimsy, so it enables the student to rock a little bit and balance. It's also fairly light, so it's easy to carry from the carpet to seat. Click to purchase via Therapy Shoppe

SquishyPrints Hand Cushion: I've never used one of these until this year. If it is used properly, it can be a wonderful tool! This can be for right or left-handed students. The point is for the student to put his/her free hand on the cushion while writing. 'Bob' was left-handed, so he would put his right hand on the cushion.  This helps keep the free hand 'busy' while the other one is working. Bob was not a fan of it, but that doesn't mean that it won't benefit someone else. ;) Click to purchase via

Grotto Pencil Grips:  Pencil grips are being made to accommodate many different O.T. needs of kids. This one really helped Bob focus on how he was holding his pencil. It was also comfortable too. (I tried it out!) Click to purchase via Therapy Shoppe        

Organizing Basket:  Our desks have the standard drawer underneath them.  Bob had a hard time organizing himself and lost everything that entered his desk...everything. So Mrs. C. suggested to get 'special basket' to keep his materials in. We already utilize a Time Wisely Chart, but this helped Bob keep his desk materials together. AND it helped me to find things for him as well!!! :)   

Slant Boards: These helps students that have visual impairments. Slant boards can make it easier for the students to see what their working on, as well as focus when moving their eyes back and forth from the board. (My dad made this for me, but you can purchase one through The Therapy Shoppe.)
*Using colored pencils can also help children that struggle to see.*


Virginia said...

Ikea has green buckets that fit perfectly inside student desks and are portable. I know "Bob" will miss a supportive teacher like you!

CWimbish said...

I actually had a 5th grader who used a cushion... He literally could not sit still so it helped him 'move' while he sat. We tried leg weights as well. They worked pretty good too but the only problem was they kept sliding off his legs. They were used to strengthen his muscles and keep him in one place.

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